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Kosei Matsui and Kiyoshi Hara Exhibition

Explore works from these two Living National Treasures

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Venue : Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum When : Oct 31st - Mar 21st 2021, 12:00am - 11:59pm

The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum is home to a number of pottery works from Kosei Matsui (1927 - 2003) and Kiyoshi Hara (1936-), who were designated as Living National Treasures. Matsui was particularly well-known for his neriage pottery style, where different colored clays are swirled together to achieve a marbled look, and Hara is a specialist of tetsu-yu, or iron glazed pottery. A special event at the museum will showcase around 110 works from these icons of the pottery world.

Getting there

The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum is located 5 minutes by taxi (or around 30 minutes on foot) from Kasama Station, served by the JR Mito Line.

Alternatively, for those who plan to drive to the museum, it's located a 10 minute drive from the Tomobe Interchange on the Kita-Kanto Expressway. The museum is on the grounds of the Kasama Geijyutsunomori Park, and parking is available for up to 300 vehicles.


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