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Blue Bottle coffee arrives in Kanagawa's capital

Blue Bottle
Christophe Audisio   - 3 min read

Founded in 2002 in San Francisco, Blue Bottle is not new to the Japanese coffee landscape. With several shops around Tokyo, it became a widely popular chain for any coffee lover looking for a great caffeine experience.

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The group has now opened a new branch in Yokohama, right next to the station’s West Exit. Located in the NEWoMan Yokohama, the café will not only offer the classic drip coffees and espresso-based drinks that built up their name but will also propose various limited edition seasonal drinks and other signature items, such as the Lemon Sunday, Belgian waffles. and even original draft pale ales.

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Building off of their previous experiences around the capital–and following the recent renovation of the Kiyosumi Shirakawa branch–Yokohama Blue Bottle Coffee will offer its customers various Blue Bottle branded tools for coffee, in a brand new and well-designed space where you can drink and relax.

The spacious café opened its doors at the end of June 2020, with its wide premises allowing people to enjoy their drink seated or walking around to check the decorations. A counter will also allow people to order their drinks to go with no hassle. Its location makes it a perfect meeting spot or even a quick stop for anyone going through Yokohama, as they come and go from the station!

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Getting there

You can access Yokohama Station by using some of the main JR lines from Tokyo and the surrounding Kanagawa area. Once at the station, the NEWoMan is located in front of the bus stop on the West Exit of the station, with the Blue Bottle Coffee Stand located on the ground floor for easy access.

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