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Ginowan is a city of nearly 100,000 residents on the coastline of the main island of Okinawa between Urasoe City and Chatan Village. The city is a collection of 20 neighborhoods that collectively surround the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station, a facility that utilizes about 1/3 of the city on land permanently leased by the Japanese Ministry of Defense.

Ginowan City plays a key role in Okinawa's tourism as it hosts the prefectural Okinawa Convention Center located on the East China Sea waterfront along the Route 58 Bypass. The convention center is co-located with the sprawling and popular Tropical Beach and Park, and the Ginowan Port Marina.

The Route 58 Bypass area is a popular shopping destination as many of the largest and most popular retail and recreation plazas are centered here such as Tokyu Hands and Round 1.

The Futenma Shrine and Cave located along Route 330 is a popular attraction to see both a cavern and experience the Ryukyuan belief of ancestor worship. The shrine itself can be visited throughout the year but is an especially special place to visit during the western and Chinese New Year as special ceremonies, performances and booths are set up on these occasions.

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