Taiwan Festival

Taiwan Festival

Mar 18 - Mar 22nd

The Taiwan Festival at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse celebrates Taiwanese culture - and a big part of that is all of the delicious..

Kanagawa, Yokohama Red Brick.. 4 ¥800
All Japan Gyoza Festival

All Japan Gyoza Festival

Mar 20 - Mar 22nd

The All Japan Gyoza Festival allows attendees to enjoy a range of gyoza varieties from all corners of the country, including offerings..

Aichi, Moricoro Park 10 ¥600
Osaka Asian Film Festival

Osaka Asian Film Festival

Mar 6 - Mar 15th

The Osaka Asian Film Festival is a celebration of film that operates annually under the theme of "From Osaka to all of Asia". This..

Osaka 4 ¥1,500
Oyama Tofu Festival

Oyama Tofu Festival

Mar 14 - Mar 15th

The Oyama Tofu Festival celebrates this region's long history with a staple of Japanese cuisine. There will be a number of interesting..

Kanagawa, Isehara Municipal.. 2 Free
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Blaise Tacos

Blaise Tacos

Sherilyn Siy

A tiny homey shop in the Akihabara Okachimachi area where you can get cheap and quick Mexican favorites like tacos, burritos, and..

Tokyo 2
Japan for Kids 40

Japan for Kids

Elena Lisina

In Japan there is plenty of entertainment for kids, including theme and amusement parks, museums with hands-on exhibits, aquar..

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