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On Ukishima Garden 6 days ago
There is also a really good vegan place in American village. It was called Tamie's, but it shuttered and just recently reopened under the name...
On Higashi Shiiya Waterfall 4 weeks ago
Kyushu in general sees far fewer visitors, though many Japanese have "discovered" the region. Still, some of my favorite foliage places - like...
On Kuju Flower Park 4 weeks ago
Thanks for the kind words, Kim! I hope you have a fantastic time. Oita is an undiscovered gem in many ways.
On Arita Porcelain Park 4 weeks ago
There are a few places in Arita to either make or paint your own porcelain. I've found in general in Japan that it never HURTS to have a reservation,...
On Cafe Prunier 4 weeks ago
It's an intoxicating view, isn't it?
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