Koyasan: Random Impressions 10

Koyasan: Random Impressions

It is the religious center of Shingon Buddhism in Japan and you can actually feel it throughout the whole valley. I highly recommend..

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Japan's Most Beautiful Graveyard 6

Japan's Most Beautiful Graveyard

I had never paid particular attention to graveyards—until I went to Japan, and Okunoin at Koyasan is surely the most impressiv..

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Temple Lodging at Hojo-in, Koyasan

Temple Lodging at Hojo-in, Koyasan

The monks don't just have a strict schedule, but everything they do is so impeccably planned and performed. When we arrived, t..

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Spend a Night in Yufu City

Spend a Night in Yufu City

We stayed at a wonderful ryokan (Japanese Inn) called Makiba-no-ie, located next to the river, directly in the center of the village...

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