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On How to Get a Prepaid Phone 4 years ago
@Benjamin Phillip Larson :
On the prepaid phones you can text. Some of the 3G models still use the antiquated T9 mode of texting, but there...
On Roosta 5 years ago
Looks like a bar with a great atmosphere! Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth.
On Lotus Ponds at Hachimangu Shrine 5 years ago
That's too bad, Larry! These photos in your article look lovely and I would've loved to do a photo trip out there. Perhaps I can check out the...
On The Lockup Entertainment Restaurant 5 years ago
Leapinglemurs: Very true!
On Tokyo Ramen Street 5 years ago
Michael: I don't believe the kippu machine sold them but various bowls and other ramen items were available for purchase! Inquire with one of...
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