Ueno and the Bell of Time

Ueno and the Bell of Time

The Bell of Time in Ueno Park was once part of a series of bell towers located around old Edo to help keep time for the citizens...

The Sounds of Sanpoji Pond

The Sounds of Sanpoji Pond

Located in Shakuji Park in Nerima Ward, Sanpoji Pond is one of Tokyo's listings on the 100 Soundscapes of Japan, thanks to the..

Tokyo 7
100 Soundscapes of Japan

100 Soundscapes of Japan

In 1986 the Ministry of the Environment began combating noise pollution with the creation of a national list of sounds that were..

Tokyo 11
Okutama Noryo Fireworks Festival

Okutama Noryo Fireworks Festival

Okutama's Mt Atago in Tokyo will be again holding its annual Noryo Fireworks Festival in August. A contrast to the city, the..

Tokyo, Mt Atago Saturday - Aug 10th Free
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Ureshiimonoya 7


Sherilyn Siy

Ureshii means 'joyful', and Ureshiimonoya or 'the shop of joyful things' is the perfect name for this charming little..

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Canine Fashion in Japan

Canine Fashion in Japan

Scott Brause

Pet ownership in Japan is at an all-time high, with lapdogs and smaller canines leading the pack. The Yoyogi Park WanWan Carnival..

Tokyo, Yoyogi Park Outdoor.. Apr 13th - Apr 14th 3 Free
PST Roppongi 11

PST Roppongi

Michael B

Chef Tamaki marries flawless technique with inspired recipes to deliver an unforgettable meal. With a fusion of Italian, French,..

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