Hotels near Takayama station for 8 oct till 11 oct

Asked by Ahmed Ahmed · 1 year ago

Hello there

So I plan to visit takayama for the dates i mentioned 8/10/2017 to 10/10/2017, but I am finding a diffuclty to find a hotel for decent price for that date.

5 days ago there was some but I didn't think that I will not be able to book one 4 months before the date i will visit takayama on. (I know takayama festival is on this date but still!)

By any chance do you think some rooms will be found online in the upcoming months? (I am not sure what is the system hotels use for online booking, what i know that anyone can cancel his booking days before the mentioned date and some rooms will be up if this happen, but it would be risky to wait for days before going there)


0 Answers
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