Horse Races at Tokyo City Keiba

Enjoy horse racing in a fun city atmosphere

Kim B   - 2 min read

If you're after a different spot for a night out with friends, Tokyo City Keiba offers evening races known as "twinkle races" for the bargain admission fee of 100 yen. The Twinkle Races are held from April through to December, and if you do fancy a flutter you're able to place bets on the races and test your luck.

The horses are paraded before their races, so you're able to see them and determine which ones to put your yen on. Of course, you don't need to get technical if you don't want to - you can bet for a horse's name that interests you, or perhaps you may even be drawn to the color of the silks that a jockey is wearing.

The venue offers plenty in the way of eats - there are many booths serving up quick and easy festival style fare, including yakisoba (stir fried noodles), okonomiyaki (cabbage pancake), yakitori chicken skewers and more. If sweet treats are more your thing, they have you covered there as well, with tasty malasadas (Portuguese donuts) and even a branch of Japan's famous Marion Crepes.

Getting there

Tokyo City Keiba is closest to the Oi Kebajo Mae Station on the Tokyo Monorail. From the station, the entrance to the racecourse is only 100 meters away.

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