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Glamour Camping in Miyazaki
Spectacular adventure, spectacular luxury
Cat Island of Tashirojima
Feline paradise south of Ishinomaki
Cat Island, otherwise known as Tashirojima, is located 50 min by ferry south of Miyagi's Ishinomaki area.
Japanese Archery Demonstration
Kyudo: The Way of the Bow
Master kyudo, or Japanese archery, practitioners at Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu.
The Akita Tourism Support Center
Get help planning your trip to beautiful Akita
The Akita Tourism Support Center is here to help with your trip to beautiful Akita Prefecture.
Travelling in Japan with Credit Cards
Japan welcomes you with American Express
It's now easier than ever to travel Japan using an American Express credit card.
Fujinomiya Trail on Mount Fuji
Strong wind on the shortest, steepest Mount Fuji ascent
Climbing Mount Fuji to the Seventh Station on the Fujinomiya Trail, where strong winds made us decide to turn back.
Taiko in Shimogo
Traditional arts in Fukushima's Shimogo region
Shimogo's Okawa-Keiryu Taiko Preservation Society is a group of local Japanese taiko drummers, whose lively performances are well-received.
Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 3 – Nippori
Yamanote Line travels in sound
If you like cats and Japanese cat-themed goods, Nippori's the place to visit!
Nikkō National Park
One of the best day-trips from Tokyo
Day spent sightseeing in Nikkō National Park at Tōshō-gu, Kegon Falls, Lake Chuzenji, Lake Yunoko and Ryuzu Falls.
A Day in Kamakura
A different Japan experience outside Tokyo
Have a different experience outside Tokyo for a day at Kamakura by having a food tour and paying a visit to the Great Buddha.
Found: 468 results
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