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Shinagawa, Culture Hub of Tokyo
Experience local festivities in Tokyo's Shinagawa
Shinagawa isn't the first destination on travellers' minds when heading to Tokyo, but the city contains a treasure trove of historical and cultural points of interest that might be worth a visit.
The Stones of Izu Kougen
A day trip to the cliffs of Izu Highlands
This is a two-minute film on a day trip to the Jogasaki Coast in the Izu Highlands.
Wind Chime Festival
Kawasaki Daishi Temple's annual Wind Chime Festival
Attending the annual wind chime festival at Kawasaki Daishi temple! Wind chimes from all around Japan gather here for all to look and listen to.
Trainspotting from Seaside Top Observatory
Quiet views of the beautiful city
The Seaside Top Observatory in Hamamatsucho is a great place to view trains.
A cooking video using my recipe for Honey and Soy Sauce Chicken.
Visit Ise Shima Toba
Find the secret spots hidden in Ise
Akan National Park: Hokkaido's Nature at its Best
Forest, lake and volcano at Hokkaido's National Park
Akan National Park is truly a wonder in all seasons. In winter the lake shines as the water freezes over and the ice-covered crater lake can be traversed in numerous ways.
The Calmness of Hōryū-ji, Nara
Ancestral beauty for a refreshed soul
Let the hundreds and hundreds of years of this sacred location refresh your soul... Hōryū-ji, a place not to miss if you visit Nara!
Akita Winter Festivals
Some of the winter festival to see in Akita in winter
Some of the winter festivals in Akita Prefecture
Tokyu Hotels - Omotenashi Across Japan
A warm welcome awaits at Tokyu Hotels
No matter your destination or travel style, the three brands of the Tokyu Hotel chain stand ready to accommodate your needs.
Found: 476 results
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