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Food Samples Workshop in Tokyo
The art of making incredibly realistic food replicas
Learning with a certified instructor how to make food samples in Tokyo
Tokyo Japan
Travel Video
Summary of our Tokyo Japan Trip.
Hidden Gems At Lake Yamanaka
Strolling from end to end of the Mt. Fuji tourist area
A cute tourist area tucked away in Yamanashi is Lake Yamanaka. A gorgeous lake with a stunning backdrop of Mt. Fuji. It is about a 2-3 hour trip from Tokyo.
Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 6 – Kanda
Yamanote Line journey in sound
With Ginza, Yurakucho, and Tokyo Station to the south and Akihabara looming to the north, Kanda might seem merely a place to change trains. Not the case - just look at all you would miss!
Tokyo Train Tunes Episode 2 – Sugamo
Yamanote Line adventures in sound
Known as a Harajuku for grandparents, charmingly traditional Sugamo is famous for a very particular item of clothing of a very specific color - anybody know?
Watching Sumo
A sumo exhibition in Tokyo
A sumo exhibition in Tokyo.
Singing cicadas at Ehrismann Residence in Motomachi Park.
Little Reds
Wildflowers at Maioka Park
In Japan, these flowers are called hekusokazura. But I call them little reds or little bells. In the 19.5 hectare Maioka Park in Totsuka, these wilflowers abound.
The Lake
An encounter with Lake Sai and Lake Motosu
A few minutes after descending from the Fifth Station of Mt. Fuji Subaru Line, my friend and I came upon a fantastic view of Lake Kawaguchi and Lake Sai
Kamakura Owl's Forest
One-of-a-kind experience in Kamakura with mystical owls
A cool experience in Kamakura with owls that I will never forget.
Found: 473 results
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