Hotel Mielparqe Nagoya, luxurious hotel conveniently located in Nagoya (Photo: Tada Ratchagit)

Hotel Mielparque Nagoya

Versatile hotel with convenient connection to the city

Hotel Mielparqe Nagoya, luxurious hotel conveniently located in Nagoya (Photo: Tada Ratchagit)
Tada Ratchagit   - 3 min read

As Japan becomes one of the world's most popular destinations, Nagoya is also establishing itself as one of the must-see places in the country. Besides its unique history and culture, Nagoya also appeals as the cradle of many industries: automobiles and ceramics are actually the major industrial activities in this metropolitan region, along with a strong aerospace industry. Welcome to Nagoya – the third-largest metropolitan area of Japan.

Hotel Mielparque is a hotel chain with 10 properties across the country. The Nagoya branch is located in Higashi-ku, a buzzing ward and the heart of the city, easily accessible by foot from Chikusa Station on both the Higashiyama Line and JR Chuo Main Line. From Mielparque Nagoya, you are able to reach the lively Sakae commercial district in only 5 minutes, Nagoya Station in 10 minutes, and the impressive Nagoya Castle in 20 minutes.

Mielparque Nagoya offers over 200 Western-style high quality rooms of various type (Single, Twin, Deluxe), along with 4 special 12-tatami suites designed in a pure Japanese style. I stayed in one of the Western rooms: the decoration is modern and cozy, and a counter table and chair prodiving a pleasant working space. You can also connect to the Internet thanks to a LAN cable.

I was impressed by the quality of the food Mielparque Nagoya serves every day. The hotel's professional chefs prepare Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisine, with fresh ingredients.

You can break your fast in the hotel's restaurant, Parque Miel, on the first floor every day from 7:00 to 10:00am. Breakfast is served in a buffet style and offers a large variety of options – besides the usual coffee, tea, fruits, and fresh bakeries, Western dishes such as omelet, ham, sausage or salad are available along with Japanese typical dishes such as rice, miso soup and various Japanese side dishes. It is also possible to prepare your own Nagoya-style udon​ (thick wheat flour noodle).

From 11:30am to 9:00pm, Parque Miel's 'all-day dining' is available, and you can enjoy 3 categories of menu: Nagoya food, Japanese food, and Chinese food. The Nagoya food menu is exclusive to this establishment – I personally recommend the “Sangen Ton Hacchou Miso Katsu Gozen”, a dish consisting of Nagoya-style tonkatsu (fried pork) and side dishes of miso soup, pickles and egg.

Hotel Mielparque can help accommodate more than stays: events such as weddings, parties, conferences, or simply business meetings can all be arranged within Hotel Mielparque's dedicated facilities.

Hotel Mielparque Nagoya is comfortable and versatile and no matter what your reason for staying, it is certainly a great choice.

Tada Ratchagit

Tada Ratchagit @tada.ratchagit

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