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About Osaka
Photo: Reginald Pentinio (CC BY 2.0)

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Summer Sonic 2020 Osaka: Supersonic

Summer Sonic 2020 Osaka: Supersonic

Sep 19th - Sep 21st

Summer Sonic is a three-day rock festival that's held simultaneously in both Tokyo and Osaka. With a track record of world..

Maishima Sports Island ¥15,000
Oedo Kakki Parade

Oedo Kakki Parade

Sunday - Oct 25th

The very first Oedo Kakki Parade took place in 1972 to commemorate the completion of the National Highway. This year, a grand parade..

Main street of the Nihonbashi.. Free

Where to eat in Osaka

Naniwa Tomoare

Naniwa Tomoare

Tad Ichimiya

Naniwa Tomoare is known for its duck ranch called Tsumura Honten. The Aigamo meat is tender and tasty, and was given a brand name..



Sleiman Azizi

Takoyaki is one of Japan's favourite street stall snacks. Battered balls of diced octopus, there are many varieties of takoyaki...


Places to stay in Osaka

Amami Onsen Nanten-en

Amami Onsen Nanten-en

Gary Luscombe

Amami Onsen Nanten-en is a traditional ryokan inn hidden deep within the Osaka countryside. Immersed in history and culture, boasting..

Fraser Residences

Fraser Residences

Bonson Lam

Clean, comfortable beds, elegant décor, close to public transport, helpful staff - The Fraser Residence has them all in spades.

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About Osaka

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Region Kansai
Island Honshu
Capital Osaka
Population 8,865,245
Area 1904.99 sq. km

The center of western Japan and the home of Japanese comedy, Osaka Prefecture (大阪府, Ōsaka-fu) is lively at all times, as the business district in Umeda, the shopping area of Shinsaibashi, and the neon-lit nightlife district of Dotonbori reflect the upbeat and friendly nature of the local people.

But if you’re tired of the urbanity, Osaka Castle and the Expo Commemoration Park (which contains the National Museum of Ethnology and the iconic Tower of the Sun) ensure that you won’t run out of things to do. And that’s without even mentioning Universal Studios Japan.

Walking around the streets of Osaka can be a gastronomical experience, with many food stalls selling takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and other delicious fast foods and snacks. And if you have the luxury to splurge, have dinner at Kitcho, one of the most high class Japanese restaurants. 

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