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The Secret Spots of Setouchi

Not to far from Hiroshima City there are several towns rich in tradition and niche culture that offer a more local experience. Make sure to add Saijo, Onomichi, and Kurashiki to your list of places to visit in Japan.

Unicorn Gundam Statue in Odaiba

Odaiba's old RX-78-2 Gundam statue has been replaced by a new RX-0 Unicorn Gundam model. The new statue can transform between two modes and visitors can catch the switch at specific times of the day.

Gundam Statue & Gundam Front Tokyo

The Gundam Statue and Gundam Front Tokyo are very popular attractions in Odaiba. The 1/1 scale of the humanoid-shaped vehicle standing tall in front of Diver City shopping center is exhilarating to watch any time of day.

Nagoya's Global Shogun

Shogun Ieyasu embodies the character and philosophy of the 'Shogun of Peace', Tokugawa Ieyasu. He works at Nagoya Castle in Japan with other samurai actors of the Nagoya Samurai Hospitality Entertainers.

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