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Unko Museum

Unko Museum

Serena Ogawa

Kawaii culture gets downright poopy at this permanent museum dedicated to number two.

Tsuribune Shrine

Tsuribune Shrine

Chiara Terzuolo

Check out the fish-themed offerings at this little shrine on the grounds of Kochi Hachimangu Shrine, and see if you can spot ...

The Holy Light 13

The Holy Light

Reynald Ventura

Trying out an old camera, I spent time walking towards Ofuna City and discovered Jochi-ji, a Zen temple in Kita-kamakura buil...

Sendai's Octopus Temple

Sendai's Octopus Temple

Justin Velgus

The Tako Yakushi-do Temple (literally “Octopus Yakushi Hall”) is located alongside the Butai Hachiman Shrine in the Nagamachi...

Japan Blue: Living with Indigo

Japan Blue: Living with Indigo


A special exhibition at the Shizuoka City Serizawa Art Museum will explore various indigo-dyed works from revered Japanese te...