Honmaru Goten entrance area. The palace's elements of wood and touches of gold can be seen from here (Photo: Vicky Amin)

The New Honmaru Goten Palace

See the royal palace in a new light

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The wooden restoration of Nagoya Castle’s main tower keep is expected to be completed by 2032 at the earliest. Visitors cannot enter the structure anymore as it is not considered earthquake resistant.

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There is no better timing for the revival of Nagoya Castle's Honmaru Goten Palace. Its long reconstruction took almost a decade to complete, and finished just before its main keep, which had always been the main attraction in the whole complex, closes its doors and gets torn down for renovation in 2019—and will not be open until 2022. Honmaru Goten which now has a whole new level of beauty, caters to those who are hungry for Nagoya history.

The palace has always been the finest example of samurai-style architecture across the nation, influencing lots of other similar buildings including Ninomaru Palace in Nijo Castle, Kyoto. It uses only the hands of skillful artists and craftsmen, using only traditional woodwork techniques, with the aim of not only replicating the old building, but to revive the authenticity of the original architecture built by shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu in 1615. Meanwhile, the inside of the palace is covered in a blanket of gold, with lavish paintings upon walls and sliding doors.

If you may think that the wooden elements of this building is too strong, there is a reason for it. Honmaru Goten uses hinoki cypress wood, the same material used to construct the palace 400 years ago. The excessive usage of wood and the fragrant aroma of the cypress is intentional, to make visitors feel the same experience of visiting the original palace as royal guests.

Follow the virtual tour in Honmaru Goten Palace through these series of photos. If you're planning to visit Nagoya, the palace and Nagoya Castle complex can all be visited even if you only have one day to explore.

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