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Mid-market hotel in Sakae

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When I found out that I was going to Nagoya, I was overwhelmed with excitement. Picturing myself in front of Nagoya Castle sipping tea surrounded by the full bloom of cherry blossom, it was like a dream come true. Though in a matter of seconds, I was dragged back down to earth and a worrisome reality hit me. How can a girl who does not know a word of Japanese, and has never been there in her life survive in Nagoya alone? I knew that Japan is known to be one of the safest places people who travel solo, but still I couldn’t help imagining struggles that I would have to face. Starting with the very first issue of having to find my way to the hotel with all the luggage that I would bring with me, what if I get lost? I am a person with the worst sense of direction; even here in my homeland I can manage to get lost almost every day.

To my surprise all my worries faded away once I took my first step into 'the b nagoya', there was warmth in the atmosphere and I felt great hospitality from the very first greeting of the front desk officers who made me safe in staying there. The hotel is also conveniently located at the heart of the shopping and entertainment area which is within a 3 minute walk from Sakae station. Guaranteed with the reputation of the Ishin Hotel Group, the b is undoubtedly one of the finest mid-market hotel brands in Nagoya.

My room was equipped with satellite TV, mini-fridge, tea-making supplies, a hair-dryer, slippers, and closet with hangers. The bed was well-designed to offer the ultimate in restful sleep. I have not had any problems regarding sleeping in unfamiliar places at all during my five days here. This comfy bed allowed me to sleep well and wake up to a refreshing start every day. Moreover, there was a vending machine in the corridor selling soft drinks, beer and coffee which was very convenient.

The internet can be accessed from all guest rooms or from the Hotel's Front Lobby, via Wi-Fi and high-speed LAN. Guests can also use the two computers in the downstairs lobby for free! However, I personally have problems connecting to the hotel Wi-Fi. It appears that laptop computers of certain versions are not compatible with the hotel’s Wi-Fi system, which for me that seems to be the case. Fortunately, there is LAN cable pre-installed in the room, plus the hotel staff’s eagerness and willingness to help could completely compensate this matter.

Besides the standard amenities, breakfast at b is something to look forward to. It offers a wide range of delicious food, including Japanese and Western styles such as grilled fish, Japanese side dishes, miso soup, scrambled egg, stir fried dishes, soup, croissants, toast, fruit, salad, breakfast cereals (3 types), yoghurt, juice, coffee, tea, Japanese tea and so on. The opening hours is 7:00 am - 10:00 am

What I am impressed with most is the hotel staff. J The front desk staff greeted me warmly even before I entered the lobby. Some of them are not fluent in English but they did try to help me in every possible way. One of the staffs helped me find Kishimen (a broad and flat noodle often seen in the Nagoya area) and Tebasaki (Nagoya’s famous chicken wings) and also wrote down some Japanese words so that I could show to somebody when I could not find the places. I could feel that they tried their very best to ensure that all their guest would have a pleasant stay by attending guest’s needs each individually in different ways.

If you plan to travel around Aichi Prefecture and pass through Nagoya, then do consider choosing the b Nagoya as your place to stay.

Getting there

From Nagoya station, take the Nagoya Subway Higashiyama Line in the direction of Fujigaoka. Alight at Sakae (the 2nd stop). The Hotel is approximately 3 minutes' walk from Exit 13. Go straight until you find the Hotel on your left-hand side.

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