Yayoi: The Advent of Japanese Aesthetics

An exhibition at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

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Venue : Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum When : Oct 10th - Dec 13th 2020, 9:30am - 4:30pm

A special exhibition taking place at the Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum is titled "Yayoi: The Advent of Japanese Aesthetics". The exhibition focuses on the shapes, colors, paintings and patterns of earthenware, stone tools, woodware, and more from the Yayoi Period (generally accepted as the timeframe from 300 BC to 300 AD).

The exhibition is unique as other events on the Yayoi Period tend to focus solely on history, however this exhibition specifically looks at it from the angle of beauty.

Adult admission to the event is priced at 900 yen.

Getting there

The Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum is located just over 10 minutes on foot from the Tojishiryokan Minami Station, served by the Linimo Line.

For those who are driving to the museum, take the Nagakute IC from the Nagoya Seto Road, and the venue is around a 5 kilometer drive away. Free on-site parking is available for up to 250 vehicles.


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