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Comfort Hotel Akita

Wi-Fi, Breakfast & English in a Central Location

Justin Velgus
Justin Velgus   - 4 min read

By chance, two and a half years later I found myself back in the same Akita hotel. First booked for me by a friend and second by a company, I feel after experiencing the hotel twice and seeing the changes, I can give a through review of the Comfort Hotel Akita. Being English and business-friendly without breaking the bank, I think the hotel can appeal to many travelers.

Firstly you can't beat the location. I arrived at Akita Station via highway bus from Sendai a little past nine in the evening. Being tired and carrying a heavy bag, I was in no mood to hunt for a hidden hotel or walk far. Thankfully less than a five minute walk from the west exit and there is your destination. Walk through the automated doors and board the elevators. The lobby as well as rooms are on the upper levels. This is nice for privacy as I always found it shameful to walk through the lobby in view of the front desk after some sake. On the other hand, I couldn't help but think of guests that may want to have a friend stay for free with them or engage in a romantic rendezvous by abusing the system. Despite my late arrival, I was able to quickly set my bag in my room and enjoy some food and drink steps from the hotel. There were many restaurants, bars, and karaoke establishments open late as you are right next to the station. You won't be bored.

The rooms are fairly standard and a mid-range price. You'll have a bed, AC, bathroom, phone, shower, toiletries, hangers and closet, etc. There is a desk for those that have work to do. What isn't offered directly at the hotel, like a laundry room, have paid services available or you will be pointed to a nearby facility in town. All the facilities were clean and the room standard Japanese size. That means a bit small by western standards, but nothing claustrophobic. I could move around easily and the bed was big enough for me (175cm, 5`9``). All travelers can enjoy the daily free coffee in the lobby area and free Wi-Fi throughout the facilities. I also found staff very friendly, polite, and professional.

I came across two big improvements at the hotel, the first being breakfast. There was a breakfast included in my first hotel stay and it wasn't bad. However, my last visit had many more food options and the quality seemed better too. I can describe the baked breads, rice balls, eggs, sausages, salad, cereal, and a few other items with various beverages as tasty, wholesome, and a good motivator to wake up early, even though checkout is not until ten. Then there is the English.

On my first visit to the hotel in 2012, I cannot recall English being emphasized. Two years later and that really changed. On check in I was offered an English or Japanese info sheet informing me of breakfast, checkout, the coffee service, etc. In my room I see a remote control, phone, and even do not disturb sign I can use all in English and Japanese. It was nice to see the hotel think about its international guests. I can't comment on the English level of the staff as I spoke Japanese with them. However, with the hotel's English emphasis and accommodating attitude, I am sure communication should not be an issue.

The Comfort Hotel Akita is a great choice. Well balanced in price, service, and location with several amenities and all the info you need in English, I believe any guest should be able to enjoy their visit.

Justin Velgus

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