Amazing sight to behold for this green lush riverside (Photo: Jeremy Yap)

Keijo Park Odate

Home of the Akita Dog Show in Springtime

Jeremy Yap   - 2 min read

Keijo Park sits opposite Hotel Crown Palais Shuhoku and is a well guarded secret from the well trodden tourist path. Most people would know Odate well for Hachiko the faithful dog but do you know, every year during the all important Golden Week in Japan, there is an annual Akita dog show that is held in this park? The statue of Hachiko sitting inside the park is to remind his fellow descendants of his proud heritage. The park itself is brimming with lush greenery and sitting in the center of the park, an age old tree which I believe has to be hundreds of years old. Its branches provide a respite for those who decide to rest under its shade. You can also catch a city view from the park view point and on a sunny day, you can catch the Jukai Dome (Huge white dome) glistening in the sun. There are also secret paths for those who are adventurous. But since Hachiko has traversed almost 700 km from Odate his hometown to Tokyo, a few steps into the unknown might not be that bad a thing.

Jeremy Yap

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