<p>Paul C&eacute;zanne, &quot;Sugar Bowl, Pears, and Tablecloth&quot;, 1893-1894</p>
Claire Rieuneau

Cézanne at the Pola Museum of Art

Exhibition in Kanagawa lasts until September

Claire Rieuneau
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'Cézanne: Pioneer of Modern Art​' is the name of the latest exhibition at the Pola Museum of Art in Kanagawa prefecture. Running since April 2015, the exhibition allows visitors to admire over 20 works by Cézanne, including the famous “Landscape in Provence” and “Four Women Bathers”.

, 2015

Cézanne was a French painter during the 19th century, considered a “God of painting” by Matisse and Picasso. With his post-impressionist works, he inspired a lot of artists during the 20th century, including the cubist painter, Picasso, and impressionist Pissarro. Some of their paintings are also displayed in this exhibition.

“Cézanne: Pioneer of Modern Art” exhibition will be in Pola Museum of Art until September 2015, every day from 9am to 5pm, with an entrance fee of ¥1,800.

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