AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT (Photo: Veronica Carnevale)

Convenient Bus Travel From Narita Airport to Tokyo Station

A cost-effective, worry-free, and efficient way to reach central Tokyo

AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT (Photo: Veronica Carnevale)
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After a multi-hour plane ride, the last thing you want to worry about is traveling.

Fortunately, the AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station removes that burden from your shoulders with effortless and comfortable transportation.


  • A regular one-way ticket is only ¥1,300 for adults and ¥650 for children
  • Travel time is approximately 65 minutes
  • During the day, buses typically run every 10 minutes
  • The bus operates a direct route (no transfers necessary)
  • The bus offers spacious seating and luggage storage

Read on to learn more about this exceptional transportation service!

Inexpensive tickets

As introduced above, the AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station is incredibly affordable, with a regular ticket only costing ¥1,300. Please note that there is a late-night fare—¥2,600 for adults and ¥1,300 for children—for buses that depart after 11pm.

Read more about bus fares.

How to purchase bus tickets

LCB ticket counter in Terminal 3
LCB ticket counter in Terminal 3

Narita Airport has numerous, easy-to-spot LCB (low cost bus) ticket counters where you can purchase AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT tickets. These counters display the letters “LCB” with green backgrounds. In terms of placement, Terminal 1 has two ticket counters, Terminal 2 has two ticket counters, and Terminal 3 has one ticket counter. These counters accept multiple forms of payment, including cash, IC card (such as PASMO or SUICA), credit card, Union Pay card, and QR code (Alipay, WeChat Pay), and are managed by multilingual staff for smooth communication.

LCB ticket counter in Terminal 2
LCB ticket counter in Terminal 2

If you plan to ride a late night or early morning bus, please pay for the ticket when you board the bus. You can only use cash or IC card as payment, so be sure to prepare accordingly.

Boarding process

Bus platform No. 5, Terminal 3
Bus platform No. 5, Terminal 3

The AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT platforms are typically as follows:

  • Terminal 1 – bus platform No. 7
  • Terminal 2 – bus platform No. 6
  • Terminal 3 – bus platform No. 5
Bus platform information on ticket
Bus platform information on ticket

Please note that these platforms may change. You can confirm the platform number on your ticket or at the ticket counters. For smooth boarding, arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the departure time. Also, since some buses do not come equipped with restrooms, please use the restrooms in the airport before boarding.

Review the timetable.

The buses

Bus interior
Bus interior

Thanks to the buses’ luggage storage, you can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride. (Please see the “Important notes” below for luggage restrictions). The buses have non-reserved seating, and most of the seats come equipped with USB 2A ports for charging phones. The wide windows provide excellent views of the shifting scenery, and on clear days, you can even spot Tokyo Skytree upon your approach to Tokyo.

Important notes

AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT bound for Tokyo Station
AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT bound for Tokyo Station
  • Please refrain from eating on the buses. Drinks are okay.
  • As routes can become congested with traffic, make plans with plenty of buffer time.
  • You are limited to one suitcase (3 measurements within 158cm (approx.)).
  • Luggage storage excludes the following items: bicycles, skis, snowboards, surfboards, golf bags, large instruments, cardboard boxes, and/or extra luggage. If you have any of these items, please make arrangements to send them to your destination beforehand.
  • You must wear a seatbelt while riding the bus.

Disembarkation at Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station’s Nihonbashi Entrance
Tokyo Station’s Nihonbashi Entrance

The AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT bus drops passengers off at Tokyo Station’s Nihonbashi Entrance near the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi. From here, you have numerous transportation options to reach your final destination, including trains, buses, and taxis.

Airport buses bound for Narita Airport

Ticket office at Tokyo Station where you can buy AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT tickets
Ticket office at Tokyo Station where you can buy AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT tickets

The airport bus service is also available from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport. The ticket office and corresponding bus platforms (7 and 8) are located near Tokyo Station Yaesu South Exit. This service is extremely popular, so please arrive early to ensure that you have plenty of time to board your desired bus. If you would like to pay with cash, you must purchase a ticket at the ticket office. If the bus from Tokyo Station departs between 5 and 6am, which is outside office hours, you can purchase tickets directly at the bus stop when you board. IC card users can pay when they board and do not need to purchase tickets at the ticket office.

Please note that the same luggage restrictions listed above apply to buses that depart from Tokyo Station.

Review the timetable.

Other destinations from Narita Airport

In addition to Tokyo Station, Keisei Bus also offers numerous convenient drop-off points inside and outside of Tokyo. Some of the most popular options include:

  • NRT → Ikebukuro Station: LCB; ¥1,900; operates approximately every hour
  • NRT → Mt. Fuji/Kawaguchiko: normal ticket counter; ¥5,000; operates once a day; book early as it gets crowded
  • NRT → Makuhari New City: normal ticket counter; ¥1,200; located near the Makuhari Messe convention center

Read more details at:

As you plan your trip to Japan, be sure to remember the AIRPORT BUS TYO-NRT for stress-free, affordable, and comfortable travel!

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