IKEA Halloween Fair

Enjoy themed Halloween eats at the Swedish furniture chain

Kim   - 5 min read

The popularity of Halloween has been growing in Japan over the years, and Swedish furniture giant IKEA is getting in on the fun. Their stores will be hosting a Halloween Fair from September 2nd until October 31st 2021, and there will be a range of themed menu options for visitors to enjoy.

The goodies on offer include:

A bat-themed panqué (Mexican-style pound cake)

¥ 700 (regular price) or ¥ 500 for IKEA members

The cake is black thanks to bamboo charcoal, and comes topped with cream, berries, and cookies shaped like a bat and an eyeball.

Pumpkin tart

¥ 390

An autumn classic in many parts of the world, this tart fits the season perfectly.

Kuroneko (black cat) pudding

¥ 290

This pudding is black sesame flavored, and also comes topped with a black sesame sauce.


¥ 150

There's nothing too scary about these! They're candied sweet potatoes, providing the perfect mix of a crispy, sweet outer, and fluffy insides.

Black chiffon cake

¥ 250

The cake is made from black bamboo charcoal and topped with lingonberry jam and cream.

Halloween donuts

¥ 200 each

These come in several different colors and they're topped with an "eyeball".

Black basil toast

¥ 190

This item also gets its distinctive color thanks to black bamboo charcoal.

Finger cookies

¥ 120 per piece

These ultra-realistic (and ultra-creepy) cookies use slivered almonds to look like fingernails.

Purple sweet potato ice-cream

¥ 120

The cone for the ice cream is black for some added spook-factor.

Bloody sundae

¥ 250

This consists of finger-shaped cookies and soft serve ice cream, topped with a blood-red berry sauce. Mildly terrifying, but surely delicious.

It's also important to mention that the Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Harajuku store locations will only have a limited version of the Halloween menu.

Getting there

To find the nearest IKEA to you, visit the store locator on their website.


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