Close up of the green tea cake (Photo: Christie Petrakopoulou)

Modernark Pharm Café

Teatime at one of Kobe’s organic cafés

Close up of the green tea cake (Photo: Christie Petrakopoulou)
Christie Petrakopoulou   - 3 min read

Are you spending the day in the beautiful Motomachi area in Kobe? Then you need to drop in at Modernark Pharm Café and enjoy some great vegetarian food and organic beverages.

Let’s start with the neighborhood: Secondhand and vintage clothing stores, little boutiques and all kind of interesting shops. The area has something to offer for everyone!

Modernark Pharm Café is a little green paradise. Just look for a wooden building with menu boards right outside. Once you get there, you’ll see the café on your left, and a vintage store on your right. If you have some time venture inside the vintage shop as there might be a vintage treasure hidden there for you! Inside the café, there is a little corner filled with organic foods for sale. You can either sit inside at one of the dining area’s cozy tables or outside on a wooden deck that is heated during the winter.

Lunch is served 11:30-14:00 and offers a couple of delicious vegetarian options that can even be adjusted to a vegan version. Delicious curry with brown rice and honey yogurt for ¥1050, tortilla wraps with pickles and teriyaki sauce for ¥1050 and chili beans burrito served with salad and soup and topped with organic cheese for ¥1100. Drinks are included and you get to choose from: Organic coffee, lemon tea, herbal tea, dandelion coffee, apple juice, dandelion au lait (+¥50), cafe au Lait (+¥50) and even sweet red or white organic wine (+¥100).

I visited the café at teatime so lunch will be something that I’ll be looking forward to try next time I visit Kobe and Modernark Pharm Café! Let me say a few words about the desserts offered here for ¥500. Coconut tiramisu made from vegetable ingredients, green tea cake with cream cheese served with ice-cream and fresh whipped cream, banana cake served with whipped cream and best of all - apple cake. All cakes are fresh and delicious!

The café offers a cozy environment ideal for any season. The staff is there ready and happy to assist you if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them. Their coffee and sweets are really good and I bet their food is too. At the end of the day, it’s worth paying a bit extra for healthier and organic food.

This beautiful “green” café is located between Sannomiya and Motomachi train stations in Kobe and is only 5 minutes away from each of them.

Note: They love cats and they also have one, so you might need to take this into consideration if you’re allergic.

Christie Petrakopoulou

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