Starbucks Japan Press Release

Sakura Season at Starbucks Japan

Limited-time drinks and merchandise at stores across the country

Starbucks Japan Press Release
Kim   - 3 min read

Cherry blossom season is a much-loved time of year across Japan, not just because of the natural beauty that abounds, but because of the sakura-themed eats, drinks, and merchandise available for purchase. This year's Starbucks seasonal goodies went on sale as of yesterday, and there is plenty of adorable stuff to choose from!

The Drinks

There's typically a hot and a cold seasonal drink on offer at Starbucks, and this year is no different. The choices for 2021 are the Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino and the Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte.

The frappuccino blends the flavor of raspberry panna cotta with a sakura strawberry sauce, and finishes the drink with whipped cream, cherry and vanilla flavored sponge cake crumbs, and freeze-dried strawberries. The idea is for the cake crumbs and freeze-dried strawberries to emulate the look of falling sakura petals - inventive, tasty, and pretty!

As for the berry milk latte, it contains the sakura strawberry sauce featured in the frappuccino, and comes dusted with the same toppings, too. The pastel pink hue of the drink perfectly fits the season!

The prices for each are as follows:

Sakura Fuwari Berry Frappuccino (on sale until April 13, 2021)

  • ¥ 590 (one size only)

Sakura Fuwari Berry Milk Latte (on sale until March 16, 2021)

  • Short ¥ 450
  • Tall ¥ 490
  • Grande ¥ 530
  • Venti® ¥ 570

The eats

If you're after something to pair with your seasonal drink of choice, there are a couple of newly added seasonal eats on the menu, too. The sakura donuts (¥250 each) or the sakura chiffon cake (¥390 per slice) are a perfect accompaniment for the sweet toothed readers out there.

The Merchandise

Starbucks also offers a range of cherry blossom themed merchandise around this time of year, and there's quite an impressive selection of goodies on offer for 2021. There are stainless steel bottles, plastic tumblers, ceramic and stainless steel mugs, notebooks, and more. The items are also available for purchase on the Starbucks Japan website on a first come, first served basis.

(Photo: Starbucks Japan Press Release)

Getting there

There are numerous Starbucks locations across Japan. To search for one nearest you, head to the official Starbucks Japan website. From there, you can search by address, by prefecture, or even using your current location via GPS.


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