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Photo: 2017 Total Solar Eclipse – NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / CC BY 2.0

Total Solar Eclipse in Japan 2035

A spectacular astronomical event

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Venue : Kanto Region When : Sunday - Sep 2nd 2035

Mark your calendars (well in advance)! On Sunday, September 2, 2035, Japan will play host to a total solar eclipse.

The anticipated schedule is as follows:

Visibility Time (JST)
Partial (start) 8:29am
Total (start) 10:01am
Total (end) 10:11am
Partial (end) 12:23pm

Best viewing spots

Weather permitting, you will be able to see the total solar eclipse from:

  • Nagano, Nagano Prefecture (8:43am–11:33am; max at 10:05am)
  • Toyama, Toyama Prefecture (8:42am–11:31am; max at 10:03am)
  • Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture (8:45am–11:36am; max at 10:08am)

What is a total solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon partially or totally covers the sun. There are four types of solar eclipses—partial, annular, total, and hybrid. A total solar eclipse happens when the moon completely covers the sun and typically only lasts between 10 seconds and 7.5 minutes.

Safety first!

Remember, it is extremely dangerous to look directly at the sun. Doing so can seriously damage your eyes and even cause blindness. When observing a solar eclipse, you must wear eclipse glasses or view it through a solar filter. Ordinary sunglasses do NOT work. You can also view a solar eclipse indirectly through projection. The only time you can view a solar eclipse without protection is when the moon completely obscures the sun (totality). Please review the eclipse safety guidelines in detail.

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