Harbor Circuit RX-8 Go-karts (Photo: Michael Groen)

Harbor Circuit Outdoor Karting Kisazaru

Fast paced go-karting and swift corners

Harbor Circuit RX-8 Go-karts (Photo: Michael Groen)
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Get ready for some kart racing! Harbor Circuit has launched an all-new high-speed outdoor go-kart circuit track in the Tokyo area. The new 430-meter track consists of sharp turns for technical drivers and straight passages for high throttle action. Whether you’re a regular racing pro or a first-timer, the track provides an exciting "Mario Kart" type racing experience that is fun for all ages.

Using advanced timing systems, a real-time ranking on the track allows for solo time trials and group competitions both. Time-attack against yourself or race side-by-side with friends to perfect your skills in the double u-turn or the slippery corner. After racing, you'll receive a copy of your personal records and times for each lap to compare with the leaderboards. Drive your fastest and see if you can compete with the regulars who frequent the circuit.

The track
The track (Photo: Michael Groen)

There are various types of karts available for children and adults.

The Sodi adult karts, aged 15 and over, are RX8 go-karts provided with GX270 engines going up to high speeds of 60 km/hour. The go-karts have adjustable seating and safety belts for ultimate and comfortability on swift corners.

Junior riders, aged seven and older, can take on the course with the 160cc Sodi LR5 which travels at speeds up to 40 km/hour.

There's also a special track available for kids from four years old and up. Younger riders will be able to drive the Sodi kids karts that travel at speeds of around 10km/hour making for safe and family-friendly fun.

Photo: Michael Groen

Driving requirements

There’s no driving license necessary to participate with Kisazaru go-karting (the street style kart rides in tour packages do require a license) making this activity welcome to all. The only requirements are to have no alcohol beforehand and to have a good pair of shoes as sandals are prohibited.


First-timers have nothing to worry about as safety is essential at Harbor Circuit. They pride themselves in having top-notch go-karts, the safest barriers, and highly-trained professional staff. Before starting your first time racing you'll watch a short and fun instructional video to learn about the rules and etiquette of go-kart racing.

Go-karts are provided with brake-lights, making it easy to avoid accidentally crashing into another racer. The go-karts themselves are fully covered preventing accidental burns and each driver will be provided with a free rental full-face helmet, balaclava and an optional neck-protector for high-level protection. Racing gloves are also available on request for additional grip and hand protection. The staff can also remotely engage the kill switch off all karts if anything were to go amiss.

Pricing Overview
Pricing Overview (Photo: Michael Groen)


A ticket costs ¥2,000 for adults and ¥1,500 yen for ladies, students, and those over 60 years. One ticket allows you to be on the track for 6 minutes which is good for about 8 to 12 laps depending on your speed. If you're wanting to race more than once, there are combination packs available from 3 to 8 tickets saving you up to ¥5,500.

If you want to battle it out amongst your group there are also various Grand Prix options available with trophies and photos. The packages range from the Mini Grand Prix of ¥4,200 yen up to the Harbor Grand Prix for ¥7,000 which includes a whopping 30 lap endurance race.

If it's your first time at Harbor Circuit, you'll also need to register a go-karting license for ¥500.

Opening times

  • Weekdays: 13:00 - 22:00
  • Saturdays and Holidays: 10:00 - 22:00
  • Sundays: 10:00 - 21:00


The course is outdoors which means it will be ideal when racing on a sunny day. The circuit will still be available in the events of light-rain, providing an extra challenge for daredevils. However, in the case of heavy rain, you might want to check Harbor Circuit's indoor go-karting venue.

Getting there

The easiest way to get to the Kisazaru Circuit is by bus from Tokyo or Shinjuku station.

From Tokyo station you can get the Keisei bus at bus stop #2 located near the Yaesu central exit of Tokyo station. Riding the Keisei bus which will cost approximately 1450 yen and takes about 60 to 90 minutes in each direction. Make sure you're at the bus stop in time as the bus only leaves once every hour.

Alternative recommendations would be getting there by car or taking a bus from Kisazaru station to the Aeon Mall.

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