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Tokyo Disneyland for the First Time

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Nadhira Nisrina
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The first thing that popped up on my mind when I knew I had a chance to go to Japan is Tokyo Disneyland! Going to Disneyland is one of my dreams since we don't have Disneyland in my country, Indonesia. So without a doubt, I went to Disneyland alone and I was so excited because this is my first adventure in Japan! Ever!

I asked the receptionist in my hotel (I stayed in Shinjuku Granbell Hotel) about how to go to Tokyo Disneyland and she suggested me to take train from Shinjuku Station -> Tokyo Station -> Maihama Station. Actually, there are two options: train (380 yen) or bus (690 yen). To save money, I opted to take the train instead of bus. I was worried at first because Shinjuku Station is well known as the world's busiest railway station, but thank God I made it and actually it was not as bad as I thought. And don't worry, the map and the sign in the station is really helpful, and people there will help you if you have a problem.

I went to Disneyland on Saturday, so the queue to buy the ticket was quite long but it didn't really take much time. But, I will say it was really crowded because it was early March and I think most of the students were on spring break. So, next time if you're going to Tokyo Disneyland and it's holiday season, don't forget to use Disney's FASTPASS or you will end up like me, queued for around 2.5 hours for one attraction only.

Because I didn't have any energy to queue another attraction, I decided to have lunch and bought some snacks. I had Mickey churros with apple dipping sauce and little green aliens mochi filled with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla cream. I recommend you to have little green aliens mochi because it was really delicious and cute! The next thing I did was shopping around because they have super-duper-cute products! And in Tokyo Disneyland you can find so many people wear Disney characters bandana, hat, gown, and many more combine with Japanese style. They looks really kawaii for sure!

I could say going to Tokyo Disneyland was really unforgettable for me because it was how it started. And also, it was about the first time. I went to Japan for the first time, traveled solo for the first time, and went to Disneyland for the first time as well. Get rid of your doubts, Japan is a really nice place to travel even if you go alone! I guarantee that you will have best time there!

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