Colorful leaves in the Umegase Valley (Photo: Chiba prefectural government)

Yoro Keikoku Valley, Chiba

Experience beautiful nature in Yoro Keikoku

Colorful leaves in the Umegase Valley (Photo: Chiba prefectural government)
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The Yoro Valley or Yoro Keikoku is a rugged, lush, valley carved over centuries by the Yoro River. It is located in the central Boso peninsula of Chiba prefecture between Otaki Town and Ichihara City. There are a wide variety of well maintained hiking paths one can take directly from the Yoro Keikoku Station.

In spring the seasonal displays in Japan center around the cherry blossoms but in autumn the special delight of the season is the changing of the color of the leaves. From brilliant yellow, mellow orange and bright crimson red it is a seasonal sight that is longed for here in Japan. It is a display of a myriad of colors before the coming winter.

The Yoro valley is surrounded by steep densely forested hills as the river carves its way to the Pacific ocean. Disappearing down one of the trails one can experience entering the world of nature far removed from the mega metropolis of Tokyo.

The easiest and shortest way to access the Yoro Keikoku from Tokyo station is to take the Uchibo train line to Goi Station. Travel time is about 50 to 60 minutes. Then transfer to the quaint little Kominato train line and travel through the central Boso peninsula of Chiba and enjoy the many sights along the way until you arrive at the the Yoro Keikoku station.

There are also several onsens or hot springs resorts where you can relax in a hot natural mineral bath after your day out hiking. You can spend the night at some if you like or just take a bath and head back to Tokyo. If you are in a hurry to return you can get a foot bath at the Yoro Keikoku station before you head off.

You can also easily reach the valley by car from Tokyo in a little over an hour. From Tokyo take the Aqua Line towards Kisarazu and continue to the Keno Expressway. Get off at Kisarazu Higashi Interchange.

Yoro Keikoku is a lovely place to experience nature and get off the beaten track at any time of the year.


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