It's hard to tell just how big it is from the picture, but when you're there looking up, the size is incredible. (Photo: Bret de Colebi)

Choshi Waterfall

A breathtaking 30m high waterfall hidden away

Anonymous   - 1 min read

Choshi Waterfall is one of those places that if you saw it in pictures you would wonder, 'What magical part of the world is this and when is my next vacation so I can fly out there?' The reality is, however, that this picture-perfect waterfall is right here in Japan!

Perfect for pictures, a refreshing swim, or to impress visitors, Choshi is a well-kept secret that all can enjoy.

If you follow Uzuigawa towards its source in the mountains, you will soon see signs for this majestic getaway place. Uzuigawa is located in Niihama (although it reaches the ocean in Eastern Saijo) just east of the Saijo Expressway ramp. At first, follow the river towards the mountains along its east side, and the road eventually crosses over to the west side. Towards the end of your journey, there will be multiple roads going every which way, and if you take the slight left (as opposed to the somewhat sharper left) you will see a sign for the waterfall. From there, its a minute to the parking lot.



I am a Seattle native, settled here on Shikoku these last few years. Love Japanese food, hiking, camping, swimming, and taking photos of this beautiful corner of the world!