The food is enhanced by beautiful Tobeyaki porcelain (Photo: Bronwyn O'Neill)

Ramen Shuhei

Delicious, rich, soy sauce ramen in central Matsuyama

Bronwyn O'Neill   - 2 min read

Ramen Shuhei: Opaque soup, clear vision

Considering that ramen with local soul can be bit scarce in Matsuyama, it’d be a shame to miss out on this hearty treat. The owner/sake sommelier emphasizes no chemical preservatives are used and that the noodles are made on site, taking great care to ensure the uniqueness and hand crafted quality of the food and shop in general. His attention to detail and obvious love of the craft shine through, making this a satisfying and memorable bowl of ramen.

The ramen itself is highly rated in Matsuyama and there’s often a short wait to get a seat. The noodles were cooked to a wonderful al dente, and retained a good amount of bite. The broth is nicely balanced between rich and refreshing and really compliments the delicious, thick slices of pork. Other items on the menu include tsukemen (dipping noodles) and oil noodles, which appear to be very popular with the university crowd.

As well as serving luscious soy sauce-based ramen, considerate interior design makes the dining experience extra enjoyable. The ramen kitchen is at the center of the shop, surrounded by benches and bar stools, so that customers can watch the chefs using an open-flame gas burner to char the delicious pork belly. It’s a nice local touch that hand-painted tobeyaki is used to serve the ramen. The bowls are especially hefty and really emphasize the generous portion sizes and sense of homeliness – two of ramen eating’s key attractions.

Bronwyn O'Neill

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