Dougoya entrance at night (Photo: Peter Eberhardt)

Spa Ryokan Dougoya

Budget accommodation in traditional ryokan style

Dougoya entrance at night (Photo: Peter Eberhardt)
Peter Eberhardt   - 3 min read

Spa Ryokan Dougoya is a budget guesthouse but with classic ryokan styling located in Dogo, Matsuyama on the island of Shikoku. It is located close to the station, as well as to the Shopping Arcade and Dogo Onsen! The traditional Japanese house is build entirely out of wood, which is hard to find nowadays, because new houses are not permitted to be build that way. The ryokan exudes a very traditional and calm atmosphere and is a great place for relaxing. I was very surprised how spacious the whole place is. They have a large kitchen with free tea and coffee, where you can prepare your meals. They also provide a Japanese breakfast for all guests which includes rice, miso soup, seaweed, pickles and tea.

If you are in Dogo you probably came (apart from other things) for the onsen hot springs. They also have an onsen in the ryokan and it is free to use by any guest. It can fit up to three people and is very nice! Men and women take hourly turns in using the onsen. For your stay at Dougoya you are also provided with a yukata (summer kimono) to walk around in, which is especially nice in summer, because those are very light cloth.

The staff are very friendly and speak excellent English. They are very helpful and can provide you with a lot of information regarding the area. The private rooms are spacious, traditionally furnished and have big windows most of which look into the garden. The futons have thick comfortable, mattresses.

When you have relaxed enough and want to do some stuff in the area I highly recommend a visit to Ishite Temple, which is temple number 51 of the 88 temples on the Shikoku pilgrimage. Also Dogo Park is very beautiful and only a five minute walk away.

If you visit Japan, staying in a traditional ryokan is one of the must dos. Dougoya is a great way to experience a traditional Japanese inn and also provides you with an onsen, which also is one of the things you have to experience while in Japan. Staying at Spa Ryokan Dougoya is a great way to experience both at the same time at a very reasonable price.

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