A quaint Beatrix Potter tea set (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)

Apple Ivy Tea Room

A nostalgic Japanese cafe in Munakata

A quaint Beatrix Potter tea set (Photo: Elizabeth Wormald)
Elizabeth Wormald   - 3 min read

Apple Ivy tea room is a small café 5 minutes away from JR Kyushu Akama Station. I noticed the small wooden board tied to a fence and decided to follow the trail of flowerpots up to the second floor. This café is a real gem in a quiet suburban area.

I was welcomed to the café by three rather surprised looking ladies, but as soon as I sat down the owner was all smiles—truly one of the most welcoming experiences I have ever had. The café’s style was very original as was the service I received; it’s far more like going to visit a family member than going out for a coffee. The ladies made me feel completely at home and I had to drag myself away to catch the train. The main room has just three seats, a plush armchair and two bar seats. The décor was something else—a blend of vintage Europe and Japan, with exposed light bulbs, modern seating and vintage English tea cups. The café has a separate room with sofas for larger groups.

This café hosts stitching classes and is a girl’s paradise. There and handfuls of art books, and the owner happily talked me through everything, letting me smell the exotic teas, showing me some special artwork and things made in the sewing classes. I ordered an iced tea, which came with handmade cookies. And later I was treated to fresh oranges and blueberries, which I shared with the other two customers. Everyone was ready for a chat, asking questions about home and what I was interested in.

The menu consists of a wide variety of sweets, scones, as well as lunch sets of soups and sandwiches. The drinks list is extensive with a wide variety of specialist teas and coffees.

The café is just a year old, and its regular customers consist of local housewives and artists. Just two doors away is a small art gallery so you can go whole hog and experience a real trendy afternoon. I would recommend visiting this café, not only were the drinks and atmosphere amazing, but it really is a home away from home.

Elizabeth Wormald

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