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Mt. Iwara Plum Blossoms

Ume highlight a late winter nature hike

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Even in late winter, beauty at the micro level can be found throughout Fukuoka’s countryside. February marks the coming of ume, or plum (apricot) blossoms here, bringing forth bursts of white, yellow, and pink. I took a drive toward the mountains southwest of Fukuoka City, wandering along the foothills until the road came to an end near Zuibai-ji, a small temple. There are several trails here, including ones to the peak, though I opted for the short nature walk on this day. Also in the vicinity are Zuibaiji Dam and a campground with cabins for rent, Zuibaiji Yama no Ie.

井原山自然歩道—Iwarayama Shizen Hodou—Mt. Iwara Nature Path
瑞梅寺—ZuibaijiZuibai Temple

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