Aside from its popular Hamura Zoo and Maimazu Well, tiny little Hamura City still offers its residents plenty of public space. A few natural preserves that appear almost out of nowhere combine with scores of local-leaning parks to give the city a definite suburban charm. Here is an introduction to some of the parks of Hamura and how to reach them.

Asahi Park

A local sports field field with plenty of shaded space and play equipment for the children, Asahi Park impresses by its popularity. Plenty of families come out in force during the weekends to take advantage of the space while the park is used for community festivals and celebrations. Watch out for the 'Spirit of the Forest' statue.

A 15-minute walk from Hamura Station on the JR Ome Line.

Hanekami Ryokuchi Park

A blast of the wild, Hanekami Ryokuchi Park is a small natural space not far from the Tama River. Taking a walk within its borders, you'd wonder if you have left the world behind you but next door lies a children's playground as well as hydrangeas that add some much appreciated colour come the blooming season.

A 6-minute walk from Ozaku Station on the JR Ome Line.

Musashino Park

A popular space for the locals, Musashino Park is a standard baseball field space with a pretty decent jungle gym play equipment set for the children. The colours of the blooming leaves makes a stroll around the park a pleasant stress release come autumn while evening baseball games add some action and excitement.

A 10-minute walk from Ozaku Station on the JR Ome Line.

Ozaku Ryokuchi Park

Another eruption of green close to the banks of the Tama River, Ozaku Ryokuchi Park is an elongated stretch of rising green space with views over the city. A touch of the picturesque with its pagoda entry, the park features paths leading to a quasi-summit making it a nice space for brief stroll to clear the mind.

A 6-minute walk from Ozaku Station on the JR Ome Line.