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Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Delicious authentic Indian food

Photo: Ciara Long
Ciara Long   - 3 min read

I have eaten many curries in many different Indian restaurants down the years and I have to admit that this restaurant in particular is one of my favorites. The ingredients are fresh, everything appears to have been cooked from scratch, the sauces and flavors are mouth-wateringly delicious, the naan breads come piping hot and straight from the tandoor (traditional Indian clay oven) and of course one of the best parts; all the prices are really reasonable.

The restaurant itself is located right on Hondori street making it a handy stop-off for a cheap, Indian lunch set if you're shopping along the arcade. The staff are lovely and friendly and it has quite a cosy, private atmosphere. As it sits on the second floor it has a good view of people walking up and down the street and the window seat is a great spot for a bit of people watching while you enjoy your curry.

Bowls of curry cost an average of ¥860 with sides, rice and naan as extra and English menus as well as children's sets are available. The special lunch set is a really great deal as at ¥880 you get two small bowls of curry, a bowl of rice, a side salad, half a poppadom cracker and a full naan bread. Also, as it is an Indian restaurant, it offers several vegetarian options which can sometimes be difficult to find in Japan's meat-loving society. There is also a special vegetarian tofu lunch set that includes curry, rice, a side salad, naan and a drink for ¥1,150.

The choice of main dishes isn't as extensive as I've seen in other Indians which can sometimes have pages and pages of options but I think this just makes it easier to choose what you want. There are plenty of interesting starters and sides to choose from.

I highly recommend the chicken keshimiri curry which has raisins, nuts and a fantastic sweet, yet savoury sauce. You can choose your own level of spiciness for your curry ranging from child friendly smiley faces to five peppers of spicy and if, like me, you like your food spicy don't be afraid to try for an extra bit of spice, I found the middle-range spiciness was actually a bit mild.

The one negative thing I could say about this restaurant is that the quality of meat in our curries was not 100%. The lamb was a bit on the fatty side and there weren't many pieces of chicken in the chicken curry however I can overlook this as for me a curry is all about the sauce and Ganesh certainly make some amazing sauces and truly delicious naan breads.

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