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Graffity Mexican Diner

Fun Tex-Mex eatery in the city center

The owners (Photo:
JJ Walsh   - 2 min read

The friendly Nakashima brothers who manage this retro-American style diner serve up tasty, fresh Tex-Mex foods. Chef Kai gathered his ideas about Mexican Tex-Mex food during over 5 years working in the San Diego area. The skilled chef hand makes every dish and condiment and the super fresh salsa and guacamole are a testament to his efforts.

The beef and chicken is superbly seasoned and the Cajun grilled catfish was also great. The most popular dishes on the menu are the enchiladas, soft tacos, burritos and food plates featuring grilled chicken, beef tacos or burritos. Half orders are also possible if you want to try more than one dish on a visit. The fish taco comes with deep fried fish, although the tacos or burritos are served with French fries, not tortilla chips. However, this is a decent place with large portions that make it good value for money – especially if you like to eat meat. The lunch plates are very reasonably priced under ¥900. For a more special lunch, you can try the steak (¥2,000) or catfish (¥1,200) served with rice, salad, drink and dessert.

For groups and parties, they also have a Mexican themed “big portion” ¥2,500 course including some Mexican-styled foods like Chimichangas (deep fried burritos) along with Japanese pub favorites like fried squid, Taco Rice (spiced ground meat, egg and salad on rice) and ice cream. Add ¥1,500 for 90 minutes of all-you-can-drink cocktails, beer, wine and soft-drinks (nomihodai).

Graffity is also a nice place to go for a few drinks and a light Tex-Mex snack. It is a fun place to hang out on the sofas near the windows with some friends, or you can chat to the staff by the counter if you are flying solo.

There is seating available for 41 people and it is a smokers paradise (smoke anytime, anywhere). Reservations are accepted and encouraged for larger groups, but dropping in without reservation is perfectly fine too. There are special party menu & drinks deals available upon request for advance reservations. The menu is written in quite good English as well as Japanese. The staff speak Japanese as well as a little English & a little Spanish.

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