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Shimanami Kaido Cycling Trip

A lovely cycling trip in Hiroshima and Ehime Prefecture

Hannah Booth   - 1 min read

Recently I did the Shiminami cycling trip from Onomichi-shi all the way to Imabari-shi, Japan. This cycling path is 70 km going over 6 small islands and 7 stunningly constructed bridges. It offers both sweeping views of the Inland Sea as well as more intimate views of everyday life in smaller towns in Japan. The trek is moderate. I'm not a regular biker and did the ride round trip over the weekend; 140 km in all and I didn't find it too exhausting. Riders who rent bikes have the choice of riding round trip or one way. The path has lots of good places to stop and get ice cream or lunch (or both). I would absolutely do this again. It was a perfect way to spend a weekend!

Hannah Booth

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Konichiwa! My name is Hannah Booth I am an English teacher currently residing in Okayama, Japan. Okayama is in the south between Osaka and Hiroshima. I have tried to make the best of my time since I arrived in August by doing some touristy things. It is my hope to give perspective adventurers som...