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360° View of Sapporo

90 meters above the ground from Sapporo TV Tower

Endarastya Sarah
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While Tokyo has Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, Sapporo has Sapporo TV Tower to provide visitors views of the skyline. Although not has high as the towers in Tokyo, visitors are able to enjoy a panoramic view of Sapporo from an impressive height.

The 147 meter high Sapporo TV Tower is a famous landmark of Sapporo and located in Odori Park, a central part of the city. Located on the eastern edge of the park, the scenery is magnificent and offers some of the best shots of Odori Park. At night the tower lights up with a digital clock installed on all its four sides at a height of 65 meters.

The observation deck is about 90 meters above the ground, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Sapporo City; a fusion of cityscape and mountains. If you want to return at a different time on the same day, you can purchase a "day time/evening ticket" for ¥1,100. The observation deck provides a lovely view of Odori Park and it is entertaining to observe the events held in the park from this height.

The first three floors are open to visit free of charge. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth on the third floor, and you will also find a souvenir shop and restaurant.

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