Take a romantic stroll on the Ningle Terrace at night. (Photo: Valerie Kor)

Ningle Terrace

A terrace of magical little cottage-shops in Furano

Valerie Kor   - 1 min read

Owing to its romantic beauty, the Ningle Terrace in Furano is a favourite spot for drama producers. There is a shop selling merchandise from the various dramas produced in and around the Ningle Terrace - Yasashi Jikan and From the North Country just to name a couple. These cottage shops sell various handicraft products from customized leather goods to hand-crafted wooden figurines to paper artwork. The tall pine trees that surround these little cottages not only create a beautiful scenery but also give the terrace a great scent. The Ningle Terrace is the best viewed at night, when its numerous fairy lights glow against the dark. It is best accessed by car or taxi.

Valerie Kor

Valerie Kor @valerie.kor

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