Odori Park is full of flowers, beauty and artistry. (Photo: Febry Fawzi)

Odori Park in Early Autumn

Where Sapporo people meet

Odori Park is full of flowers, beauty and artistry. (Photo: Febry Fawzi)
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If you are new to a city and are not sure about where to go, my answer is definitely going to a park. When I visited Sapporo, I really wanted to go to Ōdōri Kōen or Odori Park. The location itself is in the middle of the city so it is easily accessible. The park has views of TV Tower Sapporo, as well Sapporo's skyline. If you are lucky enough, you could enjoy one of Sapporo's many festivals.

Odori Park plays an important role in Sapporo for its green landscape as well as providing recreation amenities for its residents. I am always impressed by the parks in Japan. Aside from the wide big spaces, the parks are also complete, comfortable, clean, and lively. For example, when I visited Tokyo, I love to sit and daydream or picnic at Yoyogi Park. So it was no surprise that I made a beeline for Odori Park when I arrived in Sapporo.

As Odori Park is in the middle of the city, it effectively splits downtown Sapporo into the northern and southern halves. It spans 1.5 km from east to west along twelve city blocks. When I visited at the end of September, I was enjoying the beautiful Autumn flowers. Moreover, the leaves had started taking on a yellow and red glow, making the scenery more vivid.

At the east side, you will find Sapporo TV Tower. They have an observation deck so you can enjoy to see Odori Park from above. The tower is also beautifully lit up at night! It's delightful to see the tower from the park.

When I visited, the light rain has just stopped but it didn't decrease the enthusiasm of local residents and tourists from visiting Odori Park. There were all kinds of people here, from families, local and overseas tourists, students practising their musical instruments, and of course couples gathering here. In the other corner, there are night markets offering food stalls and other speciality items. This park is really lively.

There is no charge for entering this park. To reach Odori Park, you just have to walk for 10 minutes from JR Sapporo Station. It is even closer if you are coming from Odori Subway Station.

If you want to visit Sapporo in winter season, you might have a chance to see Sapporo Snow Festival at Odori Park. The scenery is just as good in the other seasons. Come here now for the beautiful colors of its flowers, the vivid color of the leaves as well as the fresh Autumn air.

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