Oshinkoshin Waterfall

The Ainu named it the "beautifully forked waterfalls"

By Valerie Kor    - 1 min read

The Oshinkoshin Waterfalls, tall and magnificent, is one of the Eight Views of Shiretoko. "Oshinkoshin" translated from the Ainu language is literally "the beautifully forked waterfalls". There is a stairway that leads up about halfway of the waterfall to allow you to be closer to the energetic rushing water. From the top of of the waterfall, the Sea of Okhotsk and the Shiretoko mountain range is visible. It is a great place to watch ice drifts of the Shiretoko Peninsula in winter. The Oshinkoshin is easily accessible by the Shari bus from the Shiretoko-shari bus terminal, next to Hotel Grantia Shiretoko-Shari Ekimae. But due to the low frequency of buses, driving could be your best bet.

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