Bonson Lam

Sapporo Norbesa Ferris Wheel

Float in the skies or cosplay in the acting school

Bonson Lam   - 1 min read

Float in the skies above Sapporo on the Noria Ferris Wheel. The 32 climate controlled gondolas float gently above the skyline at the Norbesa Center, in the heart of the Susukino entertainment district of downtown Sapporo. It is open until 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11 pm on other days. Up to four people can share a gondola for 2000 yen, or you can have a gondola by yourself. After hitting cloud nine, sneak down to the Mandarake Anime, Doll and Cosplay costume shop, or take a class at the Actors’ Studio and Music School. There are also bowling alleys, Karaoke bars or restaurants, and an outdoor beer garden in the summer months. This entertainment center is for young and old, day and night.

Bonson Lam

Bonson Lam @bonson.lam

I knew my future was destined to be with Japan the moment I flew from Sydney to experience the atmospheric lane ways of Kyoto last century. From the skies above Sapporo to the old charm of Naha's alleyways, I have been enchanted by the beauty and variety on every island. I am humbled to have met ...