One of the miso flavoured ramen... incredibly tasty! (Photo: Sandro Bernardinello)

Sapporo Ramen Republic

Appease the hunger within

Sandro Bernardinello   - 2 min read

Sapporo Ramen Republic (共和国 Kyowakoku) is a ramen lovers’ paradise that will appease the hunger of every hard-core ramen addict, with several of the best and most loved ramens in Hokkaido all in one place.

The smoky and rich fragrance of bone broth and miso fills the air and makes your mouth instantly water, whether you are hungry or not. Hearing the raucous laughter and girlish screaming is like being given an inside ticket to a friend’s party. Once inside, you are welcomed by a chorus of Irasshaimase from the restaurants’ staff, plus the clattering sounds from the kitchens and the satisfied noises of customers enjoying the food.

Hokkaido is famous all over Japan for some of the most delicious ramens in the country. The Miso Ramen is undoubtedly the most popular among the several types of this traditional dish. Every city has its own recipe that is, of course, proudly advertised as the best of Hokkaido. If you cannot afford a long ramen-hunting trip around Japan’s largest prefecture, this place is what you are looking for.

Located in an Eat Street setup, the space looks like a real street alley with replica buildings, street signs, and even a rail crossing. The atmosphere is the one of a theme park, vivid and cheerful, with a short loop path that leads you to the eight different restaurants. Since the first opening in 2004, this ramen alley has hosted tens of different restaurants from all over Hokkaido.

Getting there

Sapporo Ramen Republic is located on the 10th floor of the ESTA department store inside the JR Sapporo Station complex.

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