Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria

Fresh seafood rice bowls by the seaside

Peter Lin   - 1 min read

The Utoro Women's Fishery Cafeteria is located in the small seaside town of Utoro, the gateway town to Shiretoko National Park. This 40-year-old restaurant is run by women from the Utoro fishing industry and their seafood rice bowls (kaisen don) are outstanding. The signature dishes are the salmon ikura donburi or the bafun uni donburi, fresh seafood rice bowls accompanied by daikon pickles and miso soup. The freshness of the seafood is without comparison, and the atmosphere is casual. Service is excellent and the wait is minimal. Prices are fair for this level of seafood quality. There are also grilled mackerel and salmon dishes, as well as ramen. The restaurant is open daily, from 8:30 a.m. in the morning (perfect for breakfast) to 3:30 p.m. The restaurant is located close to Oronkoiwa and Triangle Rock near the harbor, making it a great stop for a quick meal after a morning hike.

Peter Lin

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