The shrine viewed from the front (Photo: Mari Karahashi)

Akashi's Famous Iwaya Shrine

A shrine with a great legend

The shrine viewed from the front (Photo: Mari Karahashi)
Mari Karahashi   - 3 min read

Are you interested in an old shrine with a great legend? Then you must visit Iwaya Shrine. It has a history of 1870 years and enshrines the most famous Japanese gods. You cannot say "I have visited Japan" without visiting Iwaya shrine, the origin of Japan.

Myths & Legends

This shrine has been loved by people in the area for a long time, 1870 years! In the Edo era, local lords visited the shrine to pray every year. Here, they have enshrined Izanagino-mikoto and Izanamino-mikoto, as well as other gods. Izanagino-mikoto was a husband to and brother of Izanamino-mikoto. It is said that they created Japan together. They can be seen as the Japanese version of Adam and Eve but Izanagino-mikoto and Izanamino-mikoto are related, so that might creep you out! Actually, it creeped me out but it is a myth and all myths have strange parts to them, like your uncle's adventure tale, right? Anyway, you can get a peak at the ocean and Awaji Island from the shrine and it is really beautiful. You can smell the ocean and that will definitely relax you. You can go down to the breakwater if you want to take a close look at the ocean. You can see fish boats and cargo boats going back and forth.


Iwaya Shrine is 15 minutes away from JR Akashi station. It takes 12 minutes to get to JR Akashi station from JR Kobe station by the Tokaido-Sanyo Line. Go out of the ticket gate and turn right, then you will see a fountain. Pass the fountain and turn right and keep walking until you see a scramble crossway. Then, cross the crossway in front of a cellphone shop and turn left until you see a convenience store. Cross the crossway in front of it. Turn left and keep walking for about 5 minutes until you see a big post office, then, pass by the post office and keep walking until you see another convenience store and cross the crossway in front of it. Now, just keep walking until you see the shrine.


Oh, by they way, you can also have a wedding ceremony there, so if you visit there with your boyfriend or girlfriend, think about having tying the knot. Your marriage will probably last forever, like the shrine. Probably.

Mari Karahashi

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