Those two statues stand on the main street. (Photo: Alexandra Dorovici)

Kobe Chinatown

A Taste of Chinese Culture at the Heart of Kobe

Alexandra Dorovici   - 1 min read

Kobe Chinatown is an area dedicated to Chinese culture in the center of Kobe. It is a hub of Chinese shops, restaurants and temples and more than being a place of gathering for the Chinese community, it is also a famous sightseeing spot for its vibrant colors and animated streets.

The area started attracting Chinese immigrants in the 19th century, when Kobe port opened to foreigners. Since then, it kept developing and is today an interesting place to visit for its numerous shops and restaurants. Close to what is considered to be downtown Kobe and minutes away from Sannomiya station, Chinatown Kobe contrasts with its neighboring monochrome and modern Japanese buildings, banks and offices. It is also very close to the port and the main department stores, so when you are visiting Kobe, you can easily find time to visit it before going shopping or relaxing on the bay area.

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Alexandra Dorovici

Alexandra Dorovici