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Suma Aqualife Park

Kobe's most famous aquarium

Makito kamimaru
Makito Kamimaru   - 2 min read

If you ever visit Kobe, you simply have to stop by Suma Aqualife Park. A fantastic aquarium, it's a short 20 minutes from nearby Sannomiya or an easy one hour from Himeji Castle. Suma Aqualife Park has been open for more than 50 years.

After picking up your tickets, you'll first come across a large water tank where you can watch a lot of fish like horse mackerel and rays. As you continue through the first floor of the building, you'll find many other interesting exhibits with coral fish, poisonous fish and fish swimming in schools. On the second floor, invertebrates such as crabs and jellyfish are the main display. On the third floor, you'll find turtles and sea lions, and even capybaras taking a footbath! There is also a corner where you can touch sharks along with a beautiful ocean view.

In addition to the main building, there are many other areas including the World Fish Hall, Fish Live Theater, Penguin House, Sea Otter House, Amazon World Hall and the Dolphin Live Pavilion. In addition, there is the Exotic Species Turtle Pond and a Seal Lagoon. There is a lot to see here but, with their powerful performance, I recommend the 15-minute dolphin show.

Suma Aqualife Park has souvenir shops and take-out food stands. The cafe is a good place to eat and relax while eating at lunchbox square is fine too. There is also an amusement park, so families with kids have another attraction to enjoy all day long. The aquarium also offers seasonal events like watching the displays while sitting under a traditional kotatsu used to keep warm in the winter. Activities like touching the dolphins, seals or penguins are available for an extra JPY200. The dolphin feeding experience costs JPY500.

The entrance fee for adults is only JPY1300, very reasonable, though the aquarium is cash only.

Getting there

5-minute walk from JR Suma-kaihin-koen station or a 10-minute walk from Sanyo Tsukimiyama station.

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