The delicate and fickle gold leaf crinkles and tears easily (Photo: Meg Sing)

Gold Leaf Ice Cream at Hakuichi's

The most luxurious soft-serve you'll ever afford, probably

Meg Sing   - 1 min read

In Kanazawa, the latest craze that its' traditional gold leaf craft has wrapped onto is soft-serve ice-cream! If you've been wandering around Kanazawa Castle or the famous Kenrokuen Gardens and your visual appetite is still not satisfied, what better way than to break for a few licks of cool gold leaf ice-cream?

While many other ice-creameries and gold-leaf outlets are cottoning on, Hakuichi's prime location next to the ever-popular Kenrokuen and Kanazawajo make it a must visit. If you're out to give a cone of the glitzy soft-serve the proper photoshoot that it deserves, get your serviettes and saliva glands ready, as it starts to melt quicker than you can say "Gold Leaf Ice-cream at Hakuichi's"!

Meg Sing

Meg Sing @meg.sing

The language intrigues me and as well as Japan's personality, vividly different in each season in the year. Having previously lived in Tokyo for a year, I've developed a weakness for onsen, Mt. Fuji, autumn leaves, the festivals and Japanese stationery. More than trying my hand at photography, I...