Although the park is most popular during the Spring and Autumn, the gardens during Summer are just as relaxing to wander around (Photo: Chris Barnes)

Iwate Park

A Picturesque Summer Stroll

Chris Barnes   - 1 min read

Morioka Castle, constructed in 1598, was a beautiful three-story Castle which served as the residence of the Nanbu family. In 1874, when the age of the samurai eventually came to an end, the castle was demolished and the park became desolate. In 1906, the park was revived and named Iwate Park. This well-maintained park is now a place of recreation and relaxation for many city residents and a popular cherry-blossom viewing park during the Spring. In 2006 this castle site was given the nickname of Morioka Castle Site Park to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Iwate Park. Though the castle no longer stands today, you can still see the beautiful stone walls throughout the park and enjoy the beautiful gardens on one of many walking trails throughout the park.

Chris Barnes

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