Jodogahama Beach (Photo: Katherine Moore)

Jodogahama - Sanriku Coast

Enjoy the view at the 'Pure Land Beach'

Jodogahama Beach (Photo: Katherine Moore)
Katherine Moore   - 2 min read

While much of Japan is easily accessible by train there are a few area that take a bit more effort, but are well worth it for their stunning views and their secluded off-the-beaten-track nature.

Surrounded by deep blue-green waters, Jodogahama Beach is a sheltered by a picturesque line of craggy, white rocks that mean its calm shallows are great place to swim in warmer months. In fact it is listed as one of Japan's Top 100 and can be very popular.

If that's too energetic for you, you could take a boat tour to go inside the nearby Blue Cave, only open to the sea, or just sit back in the Rest House and watch the waters slowly change with the time of day, weather, or even season, from emerald green to vibrant sky blue. This also means it's a great place to come back to time and time again.

Pines cover the surrounding bluffs and crabs and small fish mingle in the the rock pools completing this beautiful scene, making this area worthy of the title "Pure Land" bestowed upon it by the Buddhist Monk Reikyo who felt he had reached paradise on earth when he visited.

Make sure you walk around the cove, and view the rocky spine from a number of different angles, and there are many walking trails that meander around the area which lead to view points. Weather permitting its also a great sunrise view point, with nothing but their silhouette and wide Pacific Ocean between you and the sun.

This area was effected by the 2011 Tsunami and so rail services to the area have been greatly reduced, however the roads and tourist facilities in the area have been restored, and while some diversion are in place, the area is now accessible again. There is a Visitor's center close to the car park which has the latest information of open routes and walking trails.

So why not take some time—maybe hire a car—to explore this and other wonderful scenic areas of the Tohoku coastline, such as the Kitayamazaki Cliffs in the Rikuchu-Kaigan National Park?

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